Hand and Foot how to play and rules?

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Hand and Foot how to play and rules?

New postby Jerri » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:43 pm

Hey all, I can't seem to locate my hand and foot rules and game info that Tracy game me a long time ago and need it for tomorrow night. I'm hoping Bill has something still as he is going to look and send it to me if he does, but I thought someone else might have some info about the game the way we've always played it too just in case. Or else Bill will be able to give me the lowdown from memory or Tracy's memory if needed. :) And I thought Audrey also mentioned something about finding the rules the other night, but I could be wrong. I say the way we've played it because I've looked at a bunch of stuff online and none of it is the way we played and tends to be a bit confusing. Well a lot confusing actually. No mention of groups of 7s etc and a bunch of stuff that is very vague or weirdly complicated.

I really need everything as far as what is needed to play and go out and what makes a group and all the little ends and outs. All the same cards like all 8s for instance in a group or cards in a sequence like rummy as I can't remember. So everything. I do remember we need a clean, a dirty, and a group of 7s before we can go out-I think and that there were 13? cards in the hand and foot, that dirtys can't have more wilds than the other cards, but everything else is pretty vague. A breakdown would be greatly appreciated. You can email me with it if that works better, but on here is fine too. I'm hoping to be able to play tomorrow night for New Year's Eve.

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Re: Hand and Foot how to play and rules?

New postby Bill » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:36 pm

Although this is entirely too late for your party, I am working on the rules and will post them here. Holy crap, there's a lot! :huh:

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